Steppers Paradise (Volume 31) - Recorded in 2014

There are two tracks on Volume 31 that are must plays at any party.  Steppers and non-steppers long to hear them.  "You Sure Love To Ball" by LJ Reynolds is a remake of the Marvin Gaye classic of the same name, and "Gettin' Mo Money Than You" by TL Williams are two solid Steppin songs.  In addition, several other Steppers Paradise veterans re-appear on Volume 31 including D'Angelo, Jill Scott, Jaheim, Erykah Badu and Ledisi.

1. You Sure Love to Ball                                            LJ Reynolds
2. Blue Skies                                                               Julie Dexter
3. Keep it Real                                                        Queen Aminah
4. Irresistible                                                           Montell Jordan
5. Gettin’ Mo Money Than You                                    TL Williams
6. Whenever You’re Around                       Jill Scott/George Duke
7. Clearly                                                            Anthony Hamilton
8. Smooth                                                                        D’Angelo
9. Howard Girls                                                        Eric Roberson
10. Dim The Lights                                                   Elaine Stepter
11. Save Our Soul                                                      Noel Gourdin
12. Love Has No Recession                            Kindred Family Soul
13. Alright                                                                              Ledisi
14. It’s How You Say It                                                   Al Jarreau
15. Daddy Thing                                                                  Jaheim
16. Let Him In                                                                    Phase II
17. Special                                                                          Felony
18. Leave Me Alone (Ft. Erykah Badu)                  RC & The Gritz

Steppers Paradise (Volume 32) - Recorded in 2014

Volume 32 is one of the smoothest disc in the Steppers Paradise Collection.  It features a remix of Silver by Mike Flexx which DJ Chuck Dog blends smoothly with an excerpt from one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., speeches.  In addition, Avery Sunshine, Boney James, and Conya Doss make their inaugural appearance in the Steppers Paradise Series.

1. Stars                                                                Kindred Family Soul
2. This Love                                                                      The Floacist
3. Can’t Help It                                                                           Jon B.
4. News For You                                                                 Eric Benet
5. Silver (Remix) Ft. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.              DJ Mike Flex
6. The Most                                                                Avery Sunshine
7. The One                                                                           N’Dambi
8. Contentment                                                   Kindred Family Soul
9. You Might Win                                                                         Kem
10. Never Be The Same                                                 Conya Doss
11. Picture This                                                                    N’Dambi
12. Bulletproof (Ft. Ludacris)                               Raheem DeVaughn
13. In The Rain (Ft. Dwele)                                           Boney James
14. In Love With You                                                     Erykah Badu
15. Want Me To Stay                                                 Queen Aminah
16. One Bad Habit                                                      Michael Franks
17. Love’s Greatest Episode                                                        Joe
18. Criterion                                                     Me’Shell Ndegeocello

Steppers Paradise (Volume 33) - Recorded in June 13, 2015

Volume 33 brings us DJ Chuck Dog's favorite Steppin' song. "More" by Latoya London.  In addition there are several other smooth tracks  that make Volume 33 home including "Better Off," "Crown Royal," and "Taste My Love," by Tyrese who is making his first appearance in the Steppers Paradise Collection.  The featured track is DJ Markey G who remixed We Ridin' Tonite.  DJ Chuck Dog edited that track with an excerpt from a Malcolm X speech.

1. Insecurity                                                            N’Dambi
2. Nobody  Not Really (Interlude)                      Alicia Keys
3. More                                                                     LaToya
4. Too Much Heaven                                                Portrait
5. Woofman (Chicago Steppers Mix)              Khan Flo Ma
6. We Ridin’ Tonite                (DJ Markey G, Ft. Malcolm X)
7. Feel Inside                                                        Alia Coley
8. Taste My Love                                                        Tyrese
9. Better Off                          (Quadron, Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
10. Mary Go Round                                     Musiq Soulchild
11. Crown Royal (Interlude)                                    Jill Scott
12. Eternally                                             Marwan Soulflow
13. Lights Out (Stepper’s Remix)                     Daniel Ashe
14. Fancy (Ft. Charli XCX)                               Iggy Azalea
15. Good Kisser                                                         Usher
16. Take My Hand (Remix)                                        Usher
17. Love on Top                                                     Beyonce
18. My Girl                                (Diggy Ft. Trevor Jackson)
19. Chicago                                              Michael Jackson
20. Before This Drink      (John Michael, Ft. Noel Gourdin)

Steppers Paradise (Volume 34) - Recorded August 17, 2015

The late great Prince makes his Steppers Paradise debut with Dear Mr. Man on Volume 34, which also adds a few tracks that are quickly becoming Steppin favorites.  Songs like "Rock the Boat" by Aaliyah, "A Beautiful Thing" by K'Jon and "No Sleep" by Janet Jackson are frequently requested.

1. Flow                                                        Nicole Mitchell
2. A Beautiful Thing                                                 K’Jon
3. Nobody Like You                                                    Kem
4. Lover’s Holiday                                                  Kashif
5. Mama Say Knock You Out (Stepper Remix) LL Cool J
6. Do With It (Stepper’s Remix)                     Mike James
7. Sand Bank                                                  Flash Baxx
8. Feelin’ Alright                                            Will Downing
9. Get Mo Money Than You (MJ Remix)        TL Williams
10. Rock The Boat                                                Aaliyah
11. Moving On                                                        Kyuchi
12. No Sleep                                              Janet Jackson
13. I Feel Paradise                                          Hot Music
14. Special                                                 Chante’ Moore
15. Blackstar                                                      Yazarah
16. Since I Seen’t You                         Anthony Hamilton
17. Dear Mr. Man                                                  Prince
18. Unlimited Love                                  Paul Hardcastle

Steppers Paradise Volume 35 - Recorded June 22, 2016

Gourdon Banks and Ro James are introduced to the Steppers Paradise Collection with to sure-fire Stepper cuts.  There are several smooth R&B tracks on this disc along with some old school favorites including "A Little More Love" by Lisa Stansfield and "Pathway to Glory" by Loggins & Messina.  My favorite track though, This Weekend, by Ann Nesby.

1. A Hold of You                                                                  Roszunn
2. A Little More Love                                                 Lisa Stansfield
3. Easy Come                                                                        Asheni
4. Keep You in Mind                                                 Gourdon Banks
5. I Can’t Make You Love Me                                       Will Downing
6. I’m Only Human                 Luther Vandross & Cassandra Wilson
7. Ariqato Gazaimasu                                                    Jan Annekel
8. This Weekend                                                              Ann Nesby
9. This Song is For You                                                Will Downing
10. Incrivel                                                                            Solanos
11. Pathway to Glory                                           Loggins & Messina
12. Sunshine                                                                     Eric Benet
13. Permission                                                                   Ro James
14. All the Way                                                       Lynne Fiddmount
15. I Ain’t Doin’ It                                                          Peter Belasco
16. Sorry                                                     Chris Brown & Rick Ross
17. Tippin’                                                                     Emerald Jade
18. Backyard Party                                                                 R. Kelly

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