House Music Cafe Volume 28 - Recorded in 2014

House Music Cafe Volume 28 is quickly becoming a MUST HAVE.  From the moment it starts (with Jennifer Hudson and R. Kelly's - "It's Your World," it bangs.  The disc is a mixture of the old school and the current deep house played in the clubs of Chicago.  It even contains a track produced by Mike Dunn.  When people ask me to pick three disc for them, Volume 28 is always one of the three.

1. It’s Your World (Ft. R. Kelly)                                                     Jennifer Hudson
2. Latin Lover (MAW Remix)                                                          Stephanie Mills
3. Move Your Body  (Gotta Have House Music All Nite Long)  Marshall Jefferson
4. I Want To Thank You                                                                     Alicia Meyers
5. Dance Dance Dance                                                                      Earth People
6. Fantasy Girl                                                                    Pierre’s Phantasy Club
7. Like This                                                                                                  Chip E
8. Break For Love                                                                                           Raze
9. Superman                                                                      Bucci (Ft. Black Coffee)
10. Nu Nu                                                                                     Lidell Townsend
11. Freakin You (MK Dub)                                                                           Jodeci
12. These Times (DC Solid Ground Mix)                                     Kimara Lovelace
13. Who Keeps Changing Your Mind                                      South Street Player
14. Rise (Mike Dunn’s Blackball Vokal)                                                 Green Tea
15. Jack It Up                                                                               The Pound Boys
16. Annie Mae                                                                                     Natalie Cole

House Music Cafe (Volume 29) - Recorded in 2015

1. I’m Doing Fine                                           Moodyman Ft. Amp Fiddler
2. Pushing On                                                           Oliver $ & Jimi Jules
3. I’m Free (DCAT Remix)                                  Tanetta Soul/G. Jackson           
4. Walk The Nights (DJ Cratebug Edit)                               Skat Brothers
5. Wanna Love You Girl (JB Remix)                                     Robin Thicke
6. Still Water (Spiritchaser Mix)                                   Rocco Ft. Kehnsey
7. Angel                                                                                  Low Deep T
8. Do it Your Way                                                                Mood II Swing
9. That Soul (Original Superbad Mix)                                 Angelo Ferreri
10. Comin’ Home (Dirty Disco Stars Mix)                       Stranger Danger
11. These Times (DC Solid Ground Mix)                         Kimara Lovelace
12. Love Is You (Original Disco Mix)                                           Tracey K.
13. Love Come Around                              Soul Music Ft. Karen Gardner
14. Find A Way (JS Seduction Vocal)                   Ethan White/Lisa Shaw

House Music Cafe (Volume 30) - Recorded in 2015

The disc brings you a live version of the hit track Superman sung by Bucie.  This South African track, the second cut on the cd, makes this one of my favorites.  It is sure to be one of your favorites too!!

1.Missing You (Ridney Re-Work)            Artful & Ridney Ft. Terri Walker
2. Superman (Live)                                                               Black Coffee
3. Lifted (PM Project Corner Café Mix)                                         Lady X
     Me (Jonny Montana Remix)                                         Jannae Jordan
4. Who Keeps Changing Your Mind                           South Street Player
5. Customer (Mike Dunn Exclusive Remix)               Raheem DeVaughn
6. Dance (L. Vega Dance Ritual)     3 Winans Bros. Ft. The Clark Sisters
7. I Never Thought I’d See The Day (OtherSoul Café Remix)          Sade
8. Wanna Be Loved (Jason B Remix)                                          Jill Scott
9. I’m In Love (Shelter Vocal Mix)                                                     Kem
10. Back Together (Mike Dunn’s Blackball Mix)                  Sheree Hicks
11. He’s Alright                                                    Jasper Street Company
12. Sueno En Ti (Main Mix)                                                 House People
13. This House                                                                        Low Deep T

With House Music Cafe Volume 26, I put together a CD for non-stop dancing.  It's not all house music, but the old school tracks will have you dancing.  When I'm DJ-ing a set, I often play this cd, and dance myself. 

House Music Cafe (Volume 26) Let's Get This Party Started!! - Recorded in 2014

1. Just Got Paid                                            Johnny Kemp
2. Treat ‘em Right                                           Chubb Rock
3. Don’t Stop Till U Get Enough              Michael Jackson
4. Hot Music (Ft. Missy)                                             Soho
5. Nu Nu                                                 Lindell Townsend
6. Sexy Back                                          Justin Timberlake
7. Car Wash                                                    Rose Royce
8. The Booty Up                                                         AMG
9. Brighter Days                                                   Cajmere
10. Low                                                                Flo Rida
11. The Way You Move                                        Outkast
12. Rock With You                                   Michael Jackson
13. Got to Give it Up                                      Marvin Gaye
14. Blurred Lines                        Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell
15. I Don’t Need It                                           Jamie Foxx
16. Follow Me                                                           Allyus   
17. Devotion                                                          Ten City

House Music Cafe Volume 27 - A House Music Tribute to Sade(Recorded in 2014)

This, the third disc in the Exclusive Artists Series (Jill Scott & Michael Jackson) are the other two.  Where the entire disc is House Music, all by one artist which includes several remixes of their work.  This mix will soon be published online. Stay tuned.....

​1. King of Sorrow (House Remix)                 
2. Nothing Can Come Between Us
3. Somebody Already Broke My Heart (House Remix)
4. Pearls (Movement Soul Vox)
5. I Never Thought I’d See The Day(The OtherSoul House Café Mix)
6. I Will Be Your Friend (House Remix)
7. Kiss of Life (Paulo Arruda Remix)
8. Like a Tattoo (Reelsoul Remix)
9. Soldier of Love (Parade of Kings Soul Vibe Remix)
10. Stronger Than Pride (Quentin Harris Remix)
11. Hang On To Your Love (John Katsibras & Steve Kis Remix)
12. Smooth Operator (DJ BenGee Remix)
13. Cherry Pie (DJ C Vince Remix – Ft. 2Pac)
14. Bulletproof Soul (Can You Get Away Remix – Ft. 2Pac)

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