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                                         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have a CDGA membership, can I use this for the Chicagoland Golf Classic?
Unfortunately the answer is no.  While we do recognize the CDGA as the most official handicap in Illinois, having everyone on makes it easier for us to manage/monitor our entire group of golfers at once.

I already have a account.  How do I join your group?
Simply log into your account then click on "Groups and Clubs."  Then Click on "Find a Club."  Then type CHGOLANDCLSC for the Username and tcgc for the password.

Do I have to register and sign up for on my own or do you do this for me?
We cannot register/sign you up for this site.  You must go to the website, pay your $9.95 and create your own account.  It's really simple to do.  Once you do this, then  log into your account then click on "Groups and Clubs."  Then Click on "Find a Club."  Then type CHGOLANDCLSC for the Username and tcgc for the password.

Why must I record 10 round on in order to participate in the Chicagoland Golf Classic?
Although ten rounds doesn't provide us with the most accurate assessment of your game, it does however give us something to go on, and allows everyone to see just how well, or poorly, you've played leading up to the tournament.

What happens if I don't record 10 rounds on before July 15th?
We will refund your money minus your $100 deposit.  You will NOT be able to play in the 2017 Chicagoland Golf Classic.

I can't play all three days, but I can play on Friday and Saturday.  Can I pay for just two rounds of golf?
Unfortunately, you cannot pay for only two rounds.  The $350 entry fee covers golf for all three days.  If you are unable to play all three rounds, your money will not be refunded.  Please clear your schedule now so that you can experience tournament golf at its finest.

When you say $350 covers everything except the membership, can you elaborate on that please?
Sure.  You get three rounds of golf, with cart and range balls for each day as well as your participation in the Skins Competition and CTP Contest each day.  It also includes a Sunday dinner at Whisper Creek.  You will still have to log into, acquire a membership, and join our group.  the cost for this membership is $9.95.  As this event grows in notoriety we will garner sponsorship which will allow us to provide a gift bag for every golfer.  But without sponsors, we've chosen to place more money into our prizes.

Is there anything on social media concerning the Chicagoland Golf Classic?
Yes, for those that use Facebook, we have created a page called, "Chicagoland Golf Classic."  Please request to be added to this group.  Often times, information will be posted on this page a day or two BEFORE it is released through emails, text messages, or posted on our webpage.

Is there a Chicagoland Golf Classic website?
Yes, click (The Chicagoland Golf Classic) to view our webpage now.

This is an extremely large event.  What type of experience do you have in organizing golf tournaments?
For the past 8 years, our committee has run the Chili Dip Open.  This golf tournament has always been professional run, with a set up that is fair to all parties involved.  With our history and 20+ years of experience playing golf in large groups and tournaments we decided to take it a step further this year.  In addition to organizing this event, All of our committee members have detailed experience playing tournament golf.  This gives us insight on how to best develop a golf tournament for amateur golfers.

I'm a 21 handicap.  Will I have to compete against single digit handicaps everyday?
Yes and No, on Friday the 28th however, there is one Skin Competition and one Closest to the Pin Contest at Harborside Golf Club.  So on Friday only, you are competing with them for skins and ctp.  But to even things out.  We are using different tee boxes. For example: The Tiger Woods Division is playing from the Tournament Tees (7,100yds) while the Lee Elder Division plays the Regular Tees (6,000 yds).  On Saturday and Sunday you won't be competing for skins or ctp's with the Woods Division.

This seems like a great idea, how can I help make this happen?
Please forward the emails to all golfers in your address book.  Join our facebook group, talk about it with your golf group, and signup to play.  With all the divisiveness currently permeating our country, lets show everyone who united the golf community is.

Why did you choose Harborside International for Friday's first round?
We wanted Harborside on our list of courses because it gives us the opportunity to play a true links style course located in the heart of Chicago.  The spectacular layout provides a good test of golf no matter what tee box you play from.  We originally were requesting this course for our weekend rounds, but the price was just too high.  We negotiated a rate on Friday which allows us to play a great course and contribute more of our money to the prize package.

Huntley, IL is quite the drive from Chicago.  Why did you choose Whisper Creek and Red Tail?
There were many challenges that we faced in our negotiations with courses.  We spoke with the general managers of 15+ courses.  Many refused to negotiate their rates at all.  Most of those that would, didn't have a clubhouse large enough for us.  A few did not allow outings of this size on weekends or even at all.  Some didn't have enough golf carts or wouldn't/couldn't house the tournament.  While others have permanent tee times and wouldn't get our group out till after 2pm.  So after all the discussions, emails, and texts, we settle on Whisper Creek and Red Tail.  In addition.  Both courses are extremely well maintained and are only 10-20 minutes apart.  In fact, Chuck Dogg has Whisper Creek ranked #4 on his website of Chicago area golf courses. Plus, few of us have played Red Tail or Whisper Creek, and we wanted the tournament to be played on courses that most golfers didn't have a great familiarity with.

Are they hotels nearby Whisper Creek/Red Tail or Harborside, and have you worked out rooming for out of town golfers?
Yes, there are hotels near all these courses and we are in the process of negotiating a rate for out of town golfers.  That information will be released soon.