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Watch as Chuck Dogg and Just Play Entertainment bring the you the Wescott Elementary School Game Night.

The Family Feud Host

The last round of Musical Chairs at "All I Do Is Win" Game Night in Chicago 2016.

Name something a woman might do if she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her.

A short preview of our "All I Do Is Win Game Night"

Chuck Dogg is a talented brotha.  Here he reads "The Cat in the Hat" to a classroom of Kindergarteners.

This is how we bring a party to life.  What our Game Night is all about!!

Promotional Video of the Games we play at our Game Night

Watch as Chuck Dogg host the Family Feud for a birthday party in Chicago!!

Chuck Dogg hosts the Not So Blind Dating Game Show!!!

In this hilarious video, Chuck Dogg tells of a time he is teaching a life skills class at an alternative high school.  (Funny Stuff)

Chuck Dogg hosts the Family Feud for a group of Senior Citizens at their very own facility in Roseland-Chicago, Illinois.